Shaping a board is a form of art, that no computer can do as well as a persan. There’s nothing we enjoy more than the hours of riding, conceptualizing, sharing, and testing that are required to reach perfection. Switzerland is our home­land. The landscape is our inspiration. And our boards are the result.

Nose Shapes

The board’s nose is the first thing to corne into contact with the elements. This is why it has to be adapted to the riding intention of each board. lt’s the gateway to heaven.

Long Pic

The Long Pic nose shape allows you to charge and go fast in any type of snow, from a deep powder field to springtime slushy snow.

Mid Pic

The Mid Pic nose shape reduces the nose length, making the board more compact. This very direct style still makes the ride fully versatile.

Mid Round Pic

The Mid Round Pic nose shape is a most­ly floated shape for the everyday ride.

Sidecut Shapes

The radius is similar to the steering wheel of your car. A smaller radius will naturally make the board turn shorter, and vice versa. The real secret is an ad­justed radius next to the contact edges, allowing you to turn with ease.

R10 Series

A long side cut from 1O+ meters for fast long turns and for charging.

R7 Series

Ce rayon court de 7m et plus est idéal pour les virages courts. Si tu ajoutes à ça un flex plus rigide, te voilà avec l’ultime outil pour le carve.

R8 Series

Un rayon moyen de 8m et plus pour des virages de rayon moyen, tout simplement. Idéal pour cruiser au quotidien avec une bonne polyvalence.

R9 Series

Un rayon plutôt moyen à long de 9m et plus. Idéal pour les riders plus lourds et/ou pour tous ceux qui veulent une planche stable qui permette de poser de longs carves.

Tail Shape


The Diamond Tail helps you finish your turns easily, and is made specifically for long radius side culs and long length running edges.

Double Fish

This style is made specifically for short running edges, speeding up your board like never before.


The Round Tail is the standard for any pure versatile board.