Shaping a board is a form of art, that no computer can do as well as a persan. There’s nothing we enjoy more than the hours of riding, conceptualizing, sharing, and testing that are required to reach perfection. Switzerland is our home­land. The landscape is our inspiration. And our boards are the result.

Sidecut Shapes

The radius is similar to the steering wheel of your car. A smaller radius will naturally make the board turn shorter, and vice versa. The real secret is an ad­justed radius next to the contact edges, allowing you to turn with ease.

R10 Series

A long side cut from 1O+ meters for fast long turns and for charging.

R7 Series

This short 7+ meter side cut is perfect for short turns, mix it with a stiffer flex and what you get is the ultimate carving machine.

R8 Series

A Medium side cut from 8+ meters for medium radius turns…. Perfect for cruising and versatile for the everyday ride.

R9 Series

Medium to long side cut from 9+ meters. Perfect for heavier riders or anyone that wants a stable board that let’s you lay out those big long carves.