What we do

Nidecker has an intimate connection to the snowsurfing movement. To keep the stoke of surfing alive so far from the ocean, former pro snowboarder turned shaper, Thierry Kunz had to find a way to surf the mountains at home in the Swiss Alps. His solution was to design a line of boards that require a riding style driven off the back foot, just like driving through a turn off the bottom of a wave. 

An obsession with the force of gravity and the unique feeling that until now you could only get while riding a surfboard are the inspirations behind this collection, which combines singular surfing technologies like epoxy glassing with industry leading snowboard manufacturing techniques, and stylistic touches like old school logos and a simple white line down the middle of the base, just like the stringer on a surfboard. 

Who we do it for

Our snowsurfs are made for the truly experienced riders committed to performance and excellence, who spend as much time in the water as they do on snow and know that having the best time fun is all about having the right board for the conditions on the day. That’s why if you’re truly dedicated to riding, you’ve acquired a quiver of boards perfect for everything from slashing spring slush to laying down big turns through steep and deep fields of powder. If back foot riding and full rail carves are all what you’re all about, these boards are like a dream come true.