What we do

Our mountains are our waves. The snowsurfing movement is all about keeping the connection to the true roots of snowboarding: surfing.

This turn-based, back-foot-driven approach was re-birthed in Hokkaido Japan, an island whose mountain and surf cultures overlap. Their mellow, rolling hills and deep powder necessitate a frictionless, economical style, and the short season and proximity to the ocean mean many local riders spend the warmer months surfing.

Inspired by this connection, TK shaped the Nidecker Snow Surf Quiver to keep his stoke for surfing burning in the Swiss Alps. Three different boards for three different approaches to turning, they all celebrate surf style and snowboarding’s heritage.

The feeling of weightlessness and the joy of the outdoors are the influences behind this collection, combining technologies previously unique to surfing, such as epoxy glassing, with industry-leading manufacturing techniques, alongside vintage Nidecker graphics and the now instantly-recognisable stringer base graphic. 

Who we do it for

Our snowsurfs are made for riders looking for a path back to snowboarding’s simpler times, when the joy of carving groomers or spraying pow was all we needed. Surfers never forgot that.

Ingrained in surf culture is the notion of the quiver: the idea that to really make the most of those fleeting moments it helps to have the right equipment. Snowsurfing takes a step back from the singular, all-mountain approach that has stifled snowboarding’s creativity and unleashes a wave of new shapes for all conditions, everything from slashing spring slush to laying down big turns through steep and deep fields of powder. If back foot riding and full rail carves are all what you’re all about, these boards are like a dream come true. 

We also understand that equally important as the rider and their equipment is the environment we move through - that’s why we are partnered with 1% For The Planet, obligating ourselves to donating at least 1% of our annual turnover to environmental organisations. It’s certainly not where our commitments end, responsibility we’re proud to endorse.