They say that looking at the past is a great way to see the future, and that’s exactly what we did when we looked at putting together our all new Snow.Surf range. Taking inspiration from snowboarding’s past and bringing it bang up to date with modern design and technology we believe we’ve taken the very essence of surf inspired snowboarding and redefined it for a new generation.

After witnessing snowboarding being driven by both freestyle and big mountain riding over the past few years, it seemed that the very spirit of free snowboarding was getting lost. For us, it was that spirit that drove us to sleep in our cars, do all night drives, just to get that feeling of freedom, the feeling of that perfect carve, the feeling of those first lines in the morning. Even today, we may be older but that spirit still drives everything we do.

We believe that we have captured that spirit with our new Snow.Surf collection. Whether laying down lines on a perfect groomer or dropping that waist deep face, our re-imagining of some of our classic boards, interwoven with modern technology will re-awaken those primevil instincts that made snowboarding so very special.
Whether you’re a piste rider, powder rider or just that mountain cruiser, Snow.Surf will revolutionize how you approach the mountain and will re-ignite that stoke, that passion, that love for snowboarding that drove everything that you did.
The revolution has returned.